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Flight Simulator Setup

Flight Simulator X - EH101 Engine Surge Fix

Flight Simulator X Acceleration offered a sophisticated new option with the EH-101 helicopter. However, it has frustrated many Flight Simulator X enthusiasts with its tendency to have engine surges. The following information might help members to correct the problem, or at least make it better.

By Hamish Macleod
Jun 2, 2010

How to Choose the Right FS Controllers

Most PC games may be played by means of regular PC mouse and normal computer keyboard: if you are a typical, regular gamer. But if you are a grave and die-hard player , those peripherals are just not enough. That is why computer makers produced and actualized other gaming gear to offer greater enjoyment and real-life experience. A joystick belongs to those accessories.

By Anna M Everskemper
May 6, 2010

FSX Settings Examples

When it comes to flight simulation in Flight Simulator X, no two systems are alike. What settings work for one person's hardware and software might not necessarily work for another. However, quite often is the case that a new user of Flight Simulator X might have chosen Flight Simulator settings that are working against them no matter what hardware or software they are using. This article will provide a basic set of sample settings that might help at least get you started.

By Jordan Moore
Apr 17, 2010

FSX Tweaks for Helicopters

An article by Jesus Altuve describing his work into various performance settings for FSX. This may help your helicopter flight simulator performance. What you are about to read CAN PRODUCE UNFAVORABLE RESULTS depending on your particular setup and slider settings, so this is NOT a 'solution' to any problem, this is simply a hidden, undocumented tweak that can be applied to Flight Simulator X to obtain aproximately a 30% performance improvement.

By Jesus Altuve
Apr 13, 2010

FSX Settings - How to edit FSX.cfg

If you have searched for configuration tweaks to make your helicopter simulator perform better than you have certainly seen edits that can be made to the FSX.cfg configuration file. This article will explain where it is and how you can edit it.

By Jordan Moore
Jan 2, 2010

FSX Blurry Texture Fix with Anisotropic Filtering

In this article we'll look into whether enabling in-game Anisotropic filtering in FSX has a silver bullet type affect on the "blurries" (Blurry Ground Textures). Does enabling Anisotropic filtering in FSX actually cause it to behave differently in regards to loading ground textures around you?

By Jordan Moore
Jan 1, 2010

Improving FSX Performance

There are a large number of tweak suggestions regarding improving FSX performance and framerates. This article will attempt to share a few easy things to try and point out a few add-ons that can really make FSX look better without hurting performance significantly.

By Jordan Moore
Dec 3, 2009

PC Performance - Unwanted System Processes

This article will introduce you to the problem of unnecessary system processes, the toll they take on your computer's performance, and how to begin getting rid of them.

By Jordan Moore
Dec 3, 2009

X-Plane v9 - Menu Settings

X-Plane v9 beta 24
Some settings for x-plane v9 to get you started.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 8, 2008

Video Card Texture Loading Performance

This article will explain some of what is going on behind the scenes between Microsoft Flight Simulator and your video, how that relates to certain aspects of game performance, and what you can do to minimize performance anomolies.

By Jordan Moore
Dec 10, 2007

Flight Simulator and Your Video Card

A recent upgrading mistake made by the author leads to an article that will hopefully save you trouble, give better flight simulator performance, and help you make better purchases of video hardware for your PC.

By Jordan Moore
Dec 3, 2007

X52 Modification: Saitek Suicide?

It took almost a year. You saved, you scrimped, you went hungry for almost four months and your roommate is worried for your health. But you managed to finally drop two hundred dollars on a high-end flight control system that, like a poor man's Cougar, delivers everything you could possibly need to control a flight simulator without touching a keyboard or mouse. So how do you prove you're really crazy? ....You destroy it.

By Travis English
Dec 15, 2005

Flight Simulator Settings for Helicopters

Hovercontrol Chief Instructor pilot Steve Hanley, has put together a list of settings he recommends to those that are wondering how to get the most response while flying the helicopter. These are recommended for anyone in training, or anyone wanting to make sure that they are getting the most from their helicopter flight simulation experience.

By Steve Hanley
May 12, 2004

Flight Simulator Settings - What works for you?

Taking Off!
One of the great capabilities of the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is that it features endless opportunities to adjust the display settings to match the type of virtual pilot you are. This can also be daunting to someone that would rather be flying...not tweaking. While we can recommend perfect display settings for everyone, we can share what we use with eachother and continually improve our experience.

By Jordan Moore
Feb 10, 2004