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Multiplayer in Flight Simulator

JoinFS - Online Flying with Less Hassle

After so long waiting, there is finally a software utility that makes it quick, simple, and easy to connect with others for online flying across the various Microsoft Flight Simulator platforms.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 19, 2017

FSInn and FSX Steam Edition

FSCopilot/FSInn client software which is used to connect to multiplayer networks (like Hovercontrol and Vatsim) works properly with FSX Steam Edition. This article will help untangle some of the reasons it might not be showing up in the steam edition as expected.

By Jordan Moore
Jan 31, 2015

FSInn Client - Example Settings

For users that would like to get involved with helicopter flight simulator flying online, this article provides some settings examples to use with FSInn in order to connect to online flying networks such as Hovercontrol's dedicated multiplayer server.

By Jordan Moore
Feb 1, 2011

FSInn Client - Controlling How Others Look

When flying in helicopter flight simulator multiplayer, you can never actually control how others will see you in their game environment. All you can do is control how they will appear in your game environment. This article explores the settings in the FSInn multiplayer client that allow you to make better choices about how other players appear in your flight simulator.

By Jordan Moore
Jan 15, 2011

HC Flight Simulator Online - Real Weather Available

The Hovercontrol multiplayer server now supports real-time weather updates from around the globe.

By Jordan Moore
May 2, 2010

FSInn Client - Aircraft Overloading On Top

This article will show how to set FSInn client software settings in order to help avoid the appearance of other aircraft loading on top of you when you join the session.

By Jordan Moore
Apr 14, 2010

Flight Simulator Game Online

Brad Moreland led a very enjoyable group flight simulator flying event this Friday evening that lead a group of 10-12 pilots from Astoria, Oregon down the Oregon coast while passing through several small regional aviation facilities. A great time was had, and we hope to see you at one of our next flights!

By Jordan Moore
Feb 8, 2010

FSX Multiplayer and Shared Cockpit

If you have been wanting to try flying multiplayer in FSX this is your chance. For most users its as simple as a few keystrokes. Flight Simulator has built in multiplayer features using the Gamespy Multiplayer Network (built in).

By Jordan Moore
Jan 9, 2010

Flight Simulator Online

In the past 2 months we have seen a steady increase in the interest of flying Flight Simulator X online and Flight Simulator 2004 multiplayer. If you are the type that has been sitting on the sidelines and nervous to try flight simulator online, we would encourage you to get involved and to engage in flight simulator multiplayer flying with the rest of us. Once you fly flight simulator X or flight simulator 2004 online, we think you will agree that to fly any other way is really missing out.

By Jordan Moore
May 17, 2009