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Helicopter Training

Students, Instructors, and Flight Simulators

There continues to be a strong connection between those that enjoy serious helicopter simulation, and those that are poised to participate in, or continue with actual helicopter flight training. Helicopter schools, and the instructors that work for them, should keep this in mind and learn to benefit from it.

By Jordan Moore
Feb 8, 2008

Future Helicopter Training leads to Flight Simulator

When it comes to helicopter training and helicopter simulators, seasoned helicopter pilots might not appreciate them, instructors might dismiss them, and students might secretly wish they were flying the real thing every day.... But the fact is that helicopter training is heading towards helicopter flight simulation no matter what.

By Jordan Moore
Feb 6, 2008

Helicopter Training and Desktop Simulators

In this article I'll take an unapologetic look into the training capabilities of desktop helicopter simulation using Microsoft Flight Simulator and other important tools. Is preparing for Helicopter Flight Training via a desktop simulator going to work for you?

By Jordan Moore
Jan 11, 2008

10 Helicopter Training Tasks using Flight Simulators

If you are an instructor in the world of helicopter training, then you probably have a list of things that you are certain that PC-based helicopter simulators are NOT good at. We won't try to change your mind (at least not right this moment), but here are 10 Helicopter Training tasks that can be learned quite well using helicopter flight simulation.

By Jordan Moore
Jul 12, 2006

Almost 7,700 Hours of Flight Time Logged

In just a few months of operation, our dedicated multi-user flight environment has seen almost 8 thousand hours of flight time logged by our members.

By Jordan Moore
Jul 2, 2006

Timezones - A story about time.

I started taking for granted that most people were like pilots, able to understand the 24-Hour Clock and Universal Time. I, unfortunately, was mistaken and so therefore would like to present...My little primer on converting your time to everyone else's time. Or, AM/PM to GMT Instructions.

By WineCountyHeli (HC699WI)
Feb 23, 2006

Helicopters and Twin Turbines

Some information regarding turbines, and how they work together to provide the power that helicopters need to maintain rotor RPM and fly.

By Jordan Moore
Nov 9, 2005

The Pattern and Helicopter Hover-taxi at KMSO

For the benefit of Students preparing for the Certified Pilot checkride at Missoula (KMSO). We have prepared some information regarding the Traffic Pattern and Hover Taxi that is flown as part of the evaluation, as well as some voice communications that can be used to communicate all of your intentions.

By Ian Tough (HC306G0) and Martin Lopez (HC566LB)
Apr 7, 2005

Murdock's Journey through HC Helicopter Training.

HC Instructor pilot Tom (nickname Murdock, Callsign HC217MU) recalls his entry into the HC training program, and some of the fun and challenges he has had along the way. His experience at HC is a great example of how anybody with the right attitude can get involved.

By Tom (HC217MU)
Jun 17, 2004

Training Session, Learning to Fly Helicopters ...Part II

Barrie is back with a second installment to his on-going training efforts on his way to Certified Pilot.

By Barrie (MED)
May 25, 2004

Training Session, Learning to Hover Helicopters with SkyMed

One member recounts how a single hour spent cleaning up his setup and gettings some helpful advice from an instructor helped him improve his results!

By Barrie (MED)
May 4, 2004

How to pass the CP Helicopter Checkride - Part Two

Our Chief Instructor Pilot is back with some more information for those members considering a go at the Certified Pilot ribbon. This article focuses on some of the tasks that often get taken for granted, and are often not practiced effectively before the checkride.

By Steve Hanley (SkyMed)
Apr 28, 2004

How to pass the CP Helicopter Checkride - Part One

Want to take the Certified Pilot checkrid, but not sure what to expect? HC's Chief Instructor Pilot, Steve Hanley, has put together some information that you might find helpful in answering your questions before you sign up for the checkride.

By Steve Hanley (SkyMed)
Apr 28, 2004

CP Helicopter Checkride from Student Point of View

Considering the Checkride? A bit apprehensive? Hovercontrol member HC491HA Jim has some words of wisdom for those of you who wish to obtain certification. Check it out, and above all else, relax and enjoy your flight time!

By HC491HA Jim
Apr 26, 2004

Helicopter Autorotations done right!

Autorotations belong in every pilot's bag of tricks.
Uncle Tedd tells us how.

By Uncle Tedd
Mar 29, 2004

Helicopter Training with the Buddy System

As in the real-world aviation, one of the best ways to challenge your skills and make every minute of your learning count is to train with a buddy.

By Jordan Moore
Feb 24, 2004