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Flight Simulator Development

FSDS - Creating Virtual Cockpits in FSX

Anyone who uses Flight Sim knows that a virtual cockpit is the 3D version of the aircraft cockpit. Today I am going to use FS Design Studio v3.5 to create a virtual cockpit for FSX. Not only will I make the main cockpit area, I’ll add a panel to it and show you the basics of how to get gauges onto a virtual cockpit panel. Making this tutorial simple while still coverimg all of the major details needed is difficult. So what I’ll do is use the Curtis Jenny that comes with FSDS v3.5 as a starting point.

By Adam Howe of Abacus Publishing
Aug 29, 2010

Making a Hard Surface and Using Attachpoints

One of the great new features of FSDS v3.5.1 is the ability to create hard and landable surfaces as well as using attach points to add lights. Today I’m going to create a building and add a helipad to the top of it. Then I’m going to add some lights around the helipad.

By Adam Howe of Abacus Publishing
Aug 29, 2010

Adding Parts Names to FSDS

In FS Design Studio, there are a series of standard part names that are used for animation, reference parts and so on. These part names are used when you want to animate a part. You select one of these special part names from the Part Properties dialog by clicking the Browse button by the Part Name and then select the specific part name you want. Did you know that you could customize this list? That’s right, you can add your own list of part names and even your own categories!

By Adam Howe of Abacus Publishing
Aug 29, 2010

FSDS - Animating Parts with a Tipped Axis

Previously I covered how to animate ailerons on the Cessna 172. I thought I should cover how to do something a little more complicated and show how to do animation on a part whose axis is not perfectly straight across or up and down. With that in mind, I looked through each project in the Samples folder of FSDS looking for a part that had a rudder that was not already animated for FSX and whose axis was not straight up and down. The only one I found was the Shorts 360, so I’ll use that one in this example of how to animate a rudder that has a tipped axis.

By Adam Howe of Abacus Publishing
Aug 29, 2010

Animation for FSX in FS Design Studio

Today I’d like to talk about animation. In the older versions of Flight Sim and FS Design Studio, animation was pretty easy. I could assign a part a specific name and create the model and it would be animated in Flight Sim. More modern Flight Sims like FS2004 and FSX require a bit more work to get the animation to work as desired. My hope is that this post won’t be too complicated. There are some technical terms and procedures that might sound frightening, but really aren’t that bad once you understand them.

By Adam Howe of Abacus Publishing
Aug 28, 2010

Aircraft Design Guide Book3 - Boolean Operation Released

Here I am again with many weeks (months) between posts… I have been hunkered down writing the 3rd book in the Aircraft Design Guide series - the Boolean Operation. After 6 months from releasing the first 2, I’m happy to say that the 3rd book is now complete!

By Adam Howe of Abacus Publishing
Aug 28, 2010

Creating Thumbnails for FSX Aircraft

I’m sure anyone who has created a new aircraft with FS Design Studio for FSX or has created a new variation of paint using FS Repaint has noticed there is no preview or thumbnail for the aircraft when you select it in FSX, or the worng one if you use FS Repaint. Today I’d like to cover a few ways that you can create your own thumbnails.

By Adam Howe
Aug 28, 2010

Development Software and Utilities

A series of helpful links to aid with repainting and designing.

By Contributed by Weedy
Feb 17, 2008

Helicopter Air Files and Configuration - Part 2

In this installment of Helicopter Simulator Flight Dynamics we'll take a look at what it takes to adjust certain cruise related behaviors in the 206 based helicopters for FS2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX).

By Jordan Moore
Aug 25, 2007

Helicopter Air Files and Configuration - Part 1

This is an introduction to the important concepts of helicopter flight dynamics configuration in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is the first in a series of articles that will hopefully help you understand how to adjust microsoft flight simulator helicopter flight dynamics for yourself.

By Jordan Moore
Jul 7, 2006

Flight Simulator X: What's in Store for Us?

As we all wait with baited breath for the release of Microsoft's next Flight Simulator (FSX) I have to sit here and wonder what Microsoft has decided to do with the existing helicopter flight model.

By Steve Hanley (SkyMed)
May 12, 2006

Helicopter Simulation - What Does "Faking It" mean?

In this article I take a look at the ironic notion that some helicopter flight simulation features are real, and that others are "fake".

By Jordan Moore
Mar 30, 2006

Helicopter Flight Simulator Development - Sorry we were Late?

As the months of Helicopter Flight Simulator development for Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 wind down, and the focus turns to the new possibilities of Flight Simulator X, it is difficult not to ponder all of the creations that could have been accomplished during the FS2002-FS2004 time frame. If only we'd known more, and sooner.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 14, 2006

Helicopter Simulation and Complexity

As our community and capabilities expand, complexity will grow, and misconceptions regarding helicopter flight and helicopter systems will probably not die quietly.

By Jordan Moore
Nov 9, 2005

Living with the 412

Nearly two years later, the Hovercontrol 412 is just about ready for release to the helicopter flight simulation community. Here is the real story.

By Jordan Moore
Nov 8, 2005

Hovercontrol Bell 412 Helicopter Design Diary

HC Bell 412
A brief history of the Hovercontrol Bell 412 design project including pictures and descriptions of the progress up to the point this article was written.

By Jordan Moore
Mar 6, 2005

Velocity and Horizontal Stabilizer Settings for Helicopters

Forward Velocity as a Function of Horizontal Stabilizer “Lift Coefficient”, “Drag Coefficient”, and Efficiency for the Bell 206B Jetranger in Flight Simulator 2002

By Matthew A. Isham
Dec 26, 2004

Torque and Velocity vs. MRE - Helicopter Airfiles

Percent Torque at Takeoff and Cruise Velocity as Functions of Main Rotor Effectiveness Numbers One and Two for the Bell 206B in Flight Simulator 2002

By Matthew A. Isham
Sep 21, 2004